Part of what makes RockBox so special is the culture of collaboration, transparency, and drive to be the best. Our culture is vital to our growth and that of our franchisees. Culture drives our actions and our involvement in every community our owners are part of. Our culture inspires the RockBox family to work hard, bring 100% to everything we do, and provide the highest level of service to our customers. This is all encompassed in our cultural values F.A.S.T.E.R.

Our Values are a great reminder of the qualities we hold as a brand which helps people when they need it most. We don’t see our customers as a number, we see them as a part of our family which allows us to stay honest in providing world-class service and full transparency.

We don’t just see RockBox as a fantastic business opportunity, it is an avenue to impact the community by improving the health of the people who make up our membership. This is why it is easy to embody a fun persona, stay accountable to our customers, have a servants heart, be trustworthy and provide workouts that get results, be exhilarated by the impact being made, and lastly, be able to measure all of it with real numbers.

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