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Our story starts with Steve Halloran, an entrepreneur with a passion for boxing and fitness. It was his unwavering passion to share his love of the sweet science which set the course for a very different kind of gym. He opened his first location in 2013 and continually honed the workout, member experience, and studio offerings to become something unique and incredibly special. More than just a boxing gym, but a respite for members to build their mind, body, and confidence.

RockBox Fitness Franchise

In 2016, Roger Martin started working out at one of Steve’s locations and was so inspired by the vision and the potential that he left his executive job in the pharmaceutical industry to join Steve full-time. Between the two of them, they rebranded the studios, the market positioning, and member experience to enable the locations to thrive in a competitive but fast-growing market. And with this, RockBox Fitness was born.

In just one year, we were able to take membership at a new location from 53 members to 431. In May 2018, we started franchising and now have 18 operating locations with a total of 61 sold Along with multiple locations in the Charlotte metro area, RockBox has expanded throughout the Southeast, Texas, Arizona, and even as far as San Diego!

RockBox is tapping into the rapidly emerging market of boutique fitness with its fun and innovative classes and modern and sleek studios. Boxing is back and bigger than ever. No longer are people clamoring to join a generic gym with stale fluorescent lighting and rows of treadmills. Consumers want curated routines and they want to work with expert trainers who take their results to the next level.

The Origin

We focus on results. Both in business and in our workouts. The best gym franchises are the ones which generate high revenue AND make great bodies. Our members get better every day because we challenge them with workouts designed by professional athletes and wrap it in a fun and engaging experience with color changing lighting, hi-fi sound and rock star instructors.

Whether a member has spent years kickboxing or has never tried on a glove in their life, we challenge people to push themselves a little more every day. The sheer variety of classes ensures members never have to take the same workout twice, never get bored, and stay engaged in their fitness routine. Owning a gym is rewarding when you acquire members and keep them for a long period of time. We pride ourselves on doing both so we can confidently say we are a leader in the boutique fitness franchise space.

Share the Love

What is the primary reason a franchise becomes rewarding? Is it the business model? Is it the equipment in the studio? Is it market size? These are all great questions and the answer to all of them is yes…but maybe not why you think.

There are a lot of gym franchises for sale, but there is only one RockBox Fitness. Our franchisees benefit because our business model is superior. Our franchisees have the opportunity to scale very early on in their launch, and then expand through multiple revenue streams. We also don’t have rows of treadmills or expensive equipment to maintain and fix like most studios. You will be entering a market that is growing in size every year with a prospect base that is unsatisfied with the results they are getting at their current gym. Unfortunately, the obesity trend in our nation is staggering, but fortunately that offers an incredibly large market for you to serve. Of all the new fitness franchises, RockBox stands apart, because we help members better their health with not only the best workout, but also nutritional guidance, dietary supplements, 1:1 accountability coaching, and valuable resources which get results, while also generating competitive immunity for you as a franchisee.

RockboxWhile our studios are second to none, and our program the among the best fitness franchise opportunities in the USA, at RockBox we believe it’s our franchise owners who really make the difference. That’s why we work with people who feel just as strongly about fitness and changing lives as we do. We work hard to create a network of more than just professional colleagues, but of a family of RockBox owners. We see all our partners as family! In other words, when you need us, we’re there.

Making the choice to buy a franchise is an important decision. Rest assured you are supported by a team who takes our work seriously and knows how important it is to get out of the gate quickly. You literally have a corner person ‘in the fight’ with you to ensure you have the guidance, support, and help you need to be victorious.

Looking Ahead

One of the attributes of RockBox we are so proud of, and from which you benefit, is our desire to change and adapt ahead of the competition. A world champion fighter needs to think quickly and anticipate what his or her opponent may do and execute a game plan to capitalize on every opportune moment. Similarly, at RockBox we never stop evolving our marketing plans, our member acquisition strategies, our lead nurture platform, our member experience, or our franchisees’ opportunity to grow their business.

Come Along

If our story inspires you and sounds like something you can get behind with passion and excitement, then we invite you to learn more about what makes RockBox so unique.

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