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Proven Track Record

We already have a model that has been proven to work time and time again. You can use this model to your advantage because we’ve already done the hard work of structuring the business to go the distance. All you do is keep the momentum going after your doors open. And we’ve got that plan too.

Solid Support System

We visit your site and assess, diagnose, and offer a solution to any individual challenge your studio or staff may have. As you are operating, we help you develop your strategy, bring you new marketing plays, schedule 1:1 phone calls to measure and benchmark results, and give you the structure you need for ongoing staff training. Our staff gives you practical suggestions you can use to better your business and your members experience at your RockBox.

Strong Brand

When you are part of a known franchise brand, customers associate that with stability. When you combine all of the systems and turn-key programs we offer our franchisees, your members feel the difference and tell their friends and family. RockBox Fitness is among the best gym franchises because of the strength of our brand. You benefit from this at every turn.

Training System, Marketing, & Sales Support

Starting a business takes more than just having an amazing concept behind you. Some business owners start off strong and then may find they don’t have all the skills or experience they need to truly build their business. Maybe they’re excellent at sales but weaker in administrative duties. Maybe it’s easy to make a splash with the initial marketing, but the ongoing efforts fall flat. Investing in a RockBox franchise allows you to shore up any areas of development because of all the resources at your fingertips. Because we help you implement proven marketing systems, have outstanding sales training for you and your staff, and continually offer developmental training, your business can grow where others may struggle. That is the benefit of owning a RockBox Fitness franchise.

Franchise With RockBox

When people search for the RockBox name, they’ll immediately see just how satisfied our customers are due to our commitment to helping people live healthier lives through our truly exhilarating classes. With RockBox, you have a team of people behind you, ready to provide solutions to the daily obstacles you may face. Our business model is proven, and it gets better every day because we continually test, benchmark, and improve so you can too.

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